Swedish Roaster Löfbergs Unveils Coffee Station Made with Chaff

Lofbergs coffee station

Though self-service coffee stations and grocery coffee kiosks often scream single-use plastic waste, Swedish coffee roasting company Löfbergs has introduced a model of a coffee station that is curiously sustainable. …

The Best To-Go Cocktails in San Antonio

takeout cocktailsTired of being your own bartender during this long pandemic? Want to support a local cocktail bar from the comfort of your couch? The River City offers plenty of portable options to take home. Pick up a to-go cocktail or three, fire up the jazz on the record player, and imagine you’re in a favorite neighborhood haunt. For a boatload of booze Bar 1919 For the ideal combination of quality and quantity, call ahead to ask the bartenders to prepare a liter of one of the Southtown spot’s high-octane concoctions, such as the smooth Bourb Reynolds (bourbon, Cynar, cherry Heering, and ginger syrup). The liters can be pricey, but half sizes are also available.  For a cocktail supporting a cause The Cherrity Bar Though its…View Original Post

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From the Editor: Wild Wes

wes-ferguson-andrew-sansom-2When I first met Wes Ferguson two years ago, over beers outside an Austin sandwich shop, our conversation quickly turned to hunting and fishing. We had both grown up in small towns and working-class families where chasing bass and birds and bucks was a treasured way to enjoy the outdoors with relatives and friends while putting food on the table. At the time, Wes was the managing editor of Texas Highways, a magazine I admire, especially for its coverage of our state’s wild beauty. He had also authored excellent books on the Blanco and Sabine rivers and had written about everything from backyard wrestling to bigfoot sightings. And before becoming a full-time ink-stained wretch, he worked as an oil field hand in East Texas and…View Original Post

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Where to Hunt, or Photograph, Exotic Animals in Texas

exotic texas hunting locationsFrom the Big Bend to East Texas, the Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley, Texas ranches have been transformed in recent decades by the proliferation of exotic game animals, many of them rare and endangered in their native habitats. With the rise of “Texotics” has come an army of hunters, eager to take aim at aoudads, axis, bongos, nilgai, and even zebras. But you don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy these wondrous critters. Here are ten ranches open to the public for hunting or viewing. Map of exotic hunting locations in Texas. Illustration by Claire McCracken 1. Ox Ranch, Uvalde Drive real military tanks, shoot heavy artillery, go on a photo safari, and hunt an array of native and exotic game animals on 18,000…View Original Post

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Recipe: Wild Boar Picadillo

wild boar picadilloWhether he’s out in the field or in the kitchen at his Austin restaurant Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club, chef, hunter, and author Jesse Griffiths spends his days in the pursuit and preparation of wild game. Griffiths describes this recipe, from The Hog Book, his forthcoming cookbook and manifesto on Texas’s overabundant wild pig population, as basically the “taco meat” from his youth. “This cumin-heavy, chile-spiced ground meat really shines in that crunchy corn tortilla shell, garnished with lettuce (better be iceberg), tomatoes, cheese, and maybe avocado,” Griffiths writes.  Wild Boar Picadillo Serves 4 2 tablespoons lard or oil 2 pounds ground boar salt, to taste 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 small onion, diced 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 1 teaspoon dried Mexican…View Original Post

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Broken Pelvises, Collapsed Lungs, and Decades of Winning: Barrel Racing’s Martha Josey Has Seen It All

Martha Josey hugs her horse Cutter at Josey Ranch, in Marshall, on December 17, 2020.She was already rodeo royalty—a former world champion and National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame inductee—and on this dry, pleasant March evening in 2004, she hoped to qualify for the national barrel racing finals for a fifth consecutive decade. Her boots jammed into the stirrups, Josey waited in the alleyway connecting the main arena to the parking lot. The muffled cheers of spectators wafted from the bleachers above. She was seconds from her first run; the competitor with the fastest total time after three rounds would win. With her hat pulled low and red lipstick bright enough to see from the rafters, she felt the rhythmic breathing of her horse, Red Man Bay, a gelding with an odd fondness for Dr Pepper. As soon…View Original Post

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Birria Ramen Has Come to Fort Worth, and It Is Glorious

birria ramen from calisienceFort Worth is dotted with plainly decorated white taco trucks. They’re stationed in supermarket parking lots, next to gas stations, and anywhere else there is space for a mobile food rig. Many sell the standard pork-beef-chicken options. Some advertise trompos. Few are as noteworthy as Calisience, a nearly year-old taco truck that’s tucked into the back of a concrete and gravel lot in the city’s Riverside neighborhood. A near-constant stream of cars can often be seen turning into Calisience’s lot on Belknap, just past an AutoZone store and across the street from a Mexican bakery. In those cars—mostly pickup trucks—customers wait in a drive-through line until they pull up in front of the truck. That’s where owner Jacqueline Anaya takes cash-only orders. On a recent…View Original Post

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Made in Texas: Psychic Outlaw Turns Quilts Into Jackets

psychic-outlaw-featureRebecca Wright, a thirty-year-old self-taught seamstress, gives vintage textiles a new purpose at Austin-based Psychic Outlaw, which creates custom jackets from quilts. Customers can supply their own quilts or pick from a selection culled by Wright, who founded Psychic Outlaw in 2019. Her team of about a dozen sewers and artists (“sewists”) also fashions dresses out of bandannas and works with almost any size. Fans of this upcycled unisex look include producer and musician Benny Blanco, who recently wore bespoke quilted overalls while performing with Justin Bieber. Wright, who grew up in Waco and Longview and studied textile design at the University of North Texas before moving to Austin, recently chatted with Texas Monthly about the overalls, her brand’s magical-sounding name, and her process. Texas Monthly: How…View Original Post

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Not Spending Time at Coffee Shops Can Drain Our Collective Creativity

coffee shop

While the pandemic has caused thousands of small businesses to temporarily close or shutter for good, the disappearance of the corner coffee shop means more than lost wages. It also represents…