Category: 2019 DCN Design Showcase

DCN Design Showcase: Intelligentsia Coffee in Hollywood

Intelligentsia Coffee, Hollywood Coffeebar Website: Location: Los Angeles (map link) Date Open: February, 2019 Lead Architect: Standard Architecture (Los Angeles) Submitted by: The Door Project...

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DCN Design Showcase: La Central de Café in Guatemala City

La Central de Café Website: Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala (map link) Lead Architect and Designer: CA Arquitectura Submitted by: La Central de Café S.A. Project Description La Central de Cafe is...

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DCN Design Showcase: Elk Espresso in Queensland, Australia

Elk Espresso Website: Location: Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia (map link) Date Open: 2018 Lead Designer: Archie Bolden (Atlanta & Brisbane, Australia) Associated Firm, Design: Elk Espresso Submitted...

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DCN Design Showcase: Kitchen Coffee Roasters in Belarus

Kitchen Coffee Roasters Website: Location: Minsk, Belarus (map link) Date Open: Autumn, 2018 Lead Architect: ZROBYM architects (Minsk) Submitted by: ZROBYM architects Project Description (Note: DCN Design Showcase...

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DCN Design Showcase: Edison Coffee Co. in Flower Mound, Texas

Edison Coffee Co. Website: Location: Flower Mound, Texas (map link) Date Open: March, 2019 Designer (Interior Design): Dustin Wekesser (Dallas) Design Firm (Fabrication and Build): Total Art Design...

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DCN Design Showcase: The Crown in Oakland

The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room Website: Location: Oakland, California (map link) Date Open: March, 2019 Architect of Record: Norman Sanchez Architecture Inc. (Alameda, California)...

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DCN Design Showcase: 43 Factory in Da Nang, Vietnam

43 Factory Website: Location: Da Nang, Vietnam (map link) Lead Architect: 85 Architecture (Da Nang) Submitted by: 43 Factory Project Description (Note: DCN Design Showcase project descriptions were written...

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DCN Design Showcase: Onyx Coffee Lab in Rogers, Arkansas

Onyx Coffee Lab Website: Location: Rogers, Arkansas (map link) Date Open: April, 2019 Lead Architect: Bradley Edwards Architect (Fayetteville, Arkansas) Lead Designer: Jon Allen, Owner Submitted by: Onyx...

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