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Swiss Coffee Trader Sucafina Formalizes PT Sucafina Indonesia

Just two months after it announced the launch of a Chinese company, multinational green coffee trader Sucafina has announced the launch of PT Sucafina Indonesia. The business has been...

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Nine Myths About Coffee Farmer Development: Relationship Coffee in Indonesia

(Editor’s note: This article by Jeff Neilson, Diany Faila Sophia Hartatri, and Mark Vicol originally appeared in the January/February 2019 issue of Roast Magazine. Links have been added for context.) The...

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From Packaging to Training, Expat Roasters Finds Its Place in Bali

As its name suggests, Bali, Indonesia-based Expat Roasters (styled “Expat. Roasters” by the company), has always carried some non-local influences in its approach to coffee. Yet as the coffee...

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