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Texas Monthly Recommends: Larry McMurtry’s ‘Texasville’

Early in the pandemic, I finished Larry McMurtry’s much-lauded The Last Picture Show, a longtime item on my literary bucket list. Though I found the book enjoyable, I was weary of its constant and central lustfulness. Local boy...

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A Chat with Janina Grabs on the New Book ‘Selling Sustainability Short’

Can private certification standards truly bring about more sustainable production practices? This is the question at the center of Dr. Janina Grabs‘ forthcoming book, Selling Sustainability Short? The Private Governance...

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What to Read Now

When the weather gets warm, Texans start thinking about what to read at the beach or maybe on the porch of a Colorado getaway. This year, thanks to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have even more time on our...

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Cropster Releases 2nd Edition of its ‘Specialty Coffee’ Book

Coffee solutions provider Cropster has released the second edition of its book, “Specialty Coffee — Managing Quality.” The company — which provides a host of software and digital solutions...

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