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David Schomer Launches Video Seminar on ‘Espresso Perfection’

Specialty coffee industry pioneer and Espresso Vivace founder David Schomer has kept busy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, not only in keeping multiple Vivace coffee bars operational, but also through...

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From the Editor: Books Are Back

Our central mission at Texas Monthly is to craft the best storytelling about this fascinating state. We gladly deliver stories to fast-growing audiences on our website and in podcasts and videos. But I’ll admit that I and many...

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Black Coffee, Lives and Literature at Fulton Street Books & Coffee in Tulsa

Offering a time-honored pairing of two of life’s most splendid stimulants, Onikah Asamoa-Caesar has opened Fulton Street Books & Coffee in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  After serving as a policy advisor...

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Phyllis Johnson Launches New Book “The Triumph: Black Brazilians in Coffee”

Phyllis Johnson has announced the launch of her new book, “The Triumph: Black Brazilians in Coffee.” The book addresses the centuries-old history of slavery in the Brazilian coffee sector...

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