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Onyx Coffee Lab Rebrands to Make Coffee Discovery More Colorful

October 2020 will mark nine years since Andrea and Jon Allen founded Northwest Arkansas’ Onyx Coffee Lab. Nearly a decade later, their “Never settle for good enough” ethos has...

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World’s Youngest Q Grader Launches Youth-Supportive Joven Coffee

The world’s youngest licensed Q Grader, Francesca “Frankie” Volkema, today officially launched her own youth-farmer-focused coffee brand, Joven Coffee. Proving that youth is not always wasted on the young,...

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Freshly Rebranded Press House Coffee is a Force in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh-based roasting company Green Dragon Coffee emerged anew at the tail end of 2019 Press House Coffee. It’s also providing the coffee power behind another Pittsburgh coffee brand,...

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Green Coffee Trader Sucafina Unveils Sucafina Specialty, Unifying Numerous Brands

Geneva, Switzerland-based global green coffee trader Sucafina has brought its various coffee merchant brands under one new unified brand, Sucafina Specialty. Previously, the Sucafina group encompassed 32Cup Specialty Coffee,...

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Roaster Populace Coffee Launches Small Business Support Program

Michigan-based Populace Coffee has launched a private-label service through which half the proceeds from sales of whole-bean coffee will go to small businesses and companies struggling to stay afloat...

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A New Lease on Life for Iconic Seattle Coffee Brand Caffè Vita

Beginning Jan. 1, Seattle restaurateur Deming Maclise officially took ownership of Seattle’s Caffè Vita, marking a period of rebirth for the iconic coffee company. Maclise’s takeover follows one of...

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Ronnoco Launches Concentric Coffee Brand with Sustainability Pitch

Convenience store, hospitality and office coffee specialist Ronnoco Beverage Solutions has launched what it is describing as a “sustainable Third Wave brand” called Concentric Coffee. A range of new...

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