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Column: It is Time for Transparency in Coffee to Go Both Ways

The concept of financial transparency in the coffee industry may have been unimaginable a generation ago, but it has evolved quickly both in professional discourse and in marketing. In...

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Coffee Economics with Karl: Coffee Farm Economics

In the last episode of Coffee Economics with Karl, Colombian coffee trading company Cedro Alto Founder Karl Wienhold touched on the difficult subject of coffee farm production costs. As...

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Coffee Economics with Karl: Forms of Coffee, Regional Transparency and Intermediaries

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve checked in with Karl Wienhold of the Colombian green coffee trading company Cedro Alto on his coffee economics series. The series is...

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Coming Online This Weekend: The Jump Conference for Specialty Coffee

This Saturday, May 30, some 12 coffee experts along with an untold number of guests from all over the world will convene online for the first Jump Conference for...

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