Category: Central Highlands

Robusta in Rose City Comes By Way of New Portland Cà Phê

A new coffee company called Portland Cà Phê opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in Portland, Oregon, this month, with a distinct focus on coffees from Vietnam. Portland Cà Phê...

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Hello Em Việt Coffee Offers a Warm Greeting in Seattle

Inside the Friends of Little Saigon Creative Space located in the International District of Seattle, the owners of the popular Vietnamese eatery Phở Bắc have launched Hello Em Việt...

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Mekong Coffee Growers Struggle with Drought and a Warming Climate

Drought aggravated by climate change is hurting coffee growers in the Mekong region, and intensive farming techniques are part of the problem. In villages around the city of Buon...

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