Category: climate adaptation

Colombian Coffee Lands Likely to Shift Given Current Practices, Research Suggests

New research focused on Colombia suggests that if current conditions and practices persist, climate change will dramatically reshape where arabica coffee can be grown by the middle part of...

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Climate Change Will Alter the Specialty Coffee Landscape in Ethiopia, Study Shows

Researchers from parts of Africa and Europe have shed new light on how climate change may affect what’s considered “specialty coffee” growth in Ethiopia throughout the rest of this...

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NGO-Led Alliance for Resilient Coffee Launches Anew

There’s a new resource for actors throughout the coffee world to explore information and resources towards developing climate resiliency and adaptation in the coffee sector. The Alliance for Resilient...

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Mekong Coffee Growers Struggle with Drought and a Warming Climate

Drought aggravated by climate change is hurting coffee growers in the Mekong region, and intensive farming techniques are part of the problem. In villages around the city of Buon...

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