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Coffee Pulp Dramatically Speeds Up Tropical Reforestation, Research Finds

New research has found that coffee pulp, a natural organic byproduct of post-harvest coffee processing, can exponentially speed up tropical forest recovery on previously deforested lands. Researchers from the...

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In Colombia, Woodpecker Turns Coffee Byproduct Into Building Material

From the third-largest coffee-producing country in the world, a company called Woodpecker is bringing new life to a coffee byproduct while providing sustainable building materials. The Bogotá, Colombia-based company...

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Swedish Roaster Löfbergs Unveils Coffee Station Made with Chaff

Though self-service coffee stations and grocery coffee kiosks often scream single-use plastic waste, Swedish coffee roasting company Löfbergs has introduced a model of a coffee station that is curiously...

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New York Indie Pioneer Ninth Street Espresso Adds 25-Cent Cup Fee

A focus on contemporary espresso craft, a commitment to snobbery-free customer service and innovations in coffee menu simplicity are among the factors that have helped Ninth Street Espresso earn...

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