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The Rising C: Some Potential Hidden Consequences of Higher Prices

The recent green coffee market volatility can create a daunting situation for actors throughout the coffee supply chain. On the surface, rising prices are a good sign for farmer...

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Bellwether, Sustainable Harvest and Heifer Unveil Verified Living Income Model

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.Electric roaster maker Bellwether Coffee, the nonprofit Heifer International and green coffee trader Sustainable Harvest this morning announced a new pricing model that...

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2020 Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide Shows Price Data from 51K Contracts

The 2020 Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide has been released, offering a remarkable review of data on green coffee pricing in the specialty coffee market. Overall, the Guide showed a...

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Unpacking the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide

The Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide released its latest and largest update just a few days before the end of 2019. The Guide itself is a continuously evolving compendium of...

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From Procurement to Co-Branding: A Future for Coffee (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this story, we outlined the ways in which coffee is typically procured, while contrasting that with the way it is marketed by coffee brands. In this…

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From Procurement to Co-Branding: A Future for Coffee (Part 1)

Nearly a year ago, as the current coffee price crisis was becoming painfully apparent to the industry at large, Daily Coffee News published “A New World Coffee Order.” Written...

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Mexico Calls for Intergovernmental Body to Influence Coffee Prices

The Mexican government is taking a lead role in encouraging fellow Mesoamerican countries to band together to devise solutions to the ongoing coffee price crisis. At the recently concluded...

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