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Coffee Pulp Dramatically Speeds Up Tropical Reforestation, Research Finds

New research has found that coffee pulp, a natural organic byproduct of post-harvest coffee processing, can exponentially speed up tropical forest recovery on previously deforested lands. Researchers from the...

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Husky Sparkling Coffee Fruit Tea Now Bubbling Up on Grocery Shelves

A new ready-to-drink sparkling cascara beverage called Husky is hitting shelves around the United States. Marketing cascara as a “superfruit,” the Husky brand was derived by Crawford Hawkins, the...

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Department of Brewology Launches Coffee Line with Direction from Producers

Austin, Texas-based coffee apparel maker Department of Brewology is for the first time delving into selling beans while offering a fresh vision towards two-way transparency in roaster-producer partnerships. The...

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Costa Rica Cup of Excellence Auction Continues Streak of High Average Prices

The Costa Rica Cup of Excellence auction the beat the countrywide program’s previous price records, as 26 winning green coffee lots fetched more than half a million USD while...

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Costa Rican Growers Wow Judges with Variety at 2020 Cup of Excellence

Twenty six coffees representing a wide array of coffee varieties and processing methods from three of Costa Rica’s main growing regions have won 2020 Cup of Excellence awards. All...

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Brewpoint Coffee Owner Melissa Villanueva on “Starting & Running a Coffee Shop”

With three thriving coffee shops, a robust wholesale roasting operation and an active events space now under the umbrella of her Elmhurst, Illinois-based company Brewpoint Coffee, Melissa Villanueva has...

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