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Brazilian Officials Carry Out Interstate Tax Fraud Sting ‘Operation Expresso’

Prosecutors in the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais and Paraná yesterday carried out a widespread probe targeting numerous large coffee businesses, alleging tax evasion, money laundering and other criminal...

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La calidad se dispara en la competencia Taza de Excelencia Brasil

Traducción por Mara Magaña Además de superar una serie de desafíos planteados por la pandemia durante esta temporada de cosecha, treinta productores de café en Brasil obtuvieron premios por la...

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Quality Soars at 2020 Brazil Cup of Excellence Coffee Competition

Overcoming a host of challenges posed by the pandemic during this harvest season, 30 coffee producers in Brazil have won 2020 Cup of Excellence (COE) green coffee quality awards....

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Global Coffee Platform Launching Modern Day Slavery Initiative in Brazil

The nonprofit Global Coffee Platform (GCP) is launching a four-year initiative tackling the ongoing issue of modern day slavery in the Brazilian coffee sector. Organized in coordination with the...

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How COVID-19 May Affect the Chain as Brazil Heads Into Harvest

Among the fresh crop of COVID-19-related question marks now floating around the coffee industry, few are larger than the ones involving Brazil, which is approaching its annual harvest. This...

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