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Dalla Corte Adds a Big One: The Zero Heads to US Market

Italian espresso machine and grinder company Dalla Corte is preparing a good old-fashioned United States road trip to introduce its latest machine, the Zero. There are two variants of...

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La Marzocco Introduces Next Generation of Classic GB5 Espresso Machine

Italian espresso machine giant La Marzocco has introduced the next generation of the GB5 commercial espresso machine, upgrading the technology behind the signature curves. While featuring technological advancements made...

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Coming from Canada: The Precision-Focused Lapera DS Espresso Machine

A Montreal-based boutique machine startup called Lapera is soon to release its debut product, the Lapera DS, a high-quality, direct-plumb manual lever espresso machine. The single-group machine is built...

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Innovative Italian Coffee Equipment Manufacturer XLVI Eyes North America

As coffee equipment companies emerge from a year of lost product launches and public marketing events, one company to watch on the specialty coffee equipment scene is the Italian...

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Ascaso Partners with Espresso Parts to Launch Ascaso-USA

Spanish home and commercial espresso machine maker Ascaso has expanded and re-launched its brand in the United States in partnership with Olympia, Washington-based coffee equipment supply company Espresso Parts....

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Victoria Arduino Hatches Single-Group Eagle One Called E1 Prima

Simonelli Group brand Victoria Arduino has revealed a new single-group version of its Eagle One espresso machine called the E1 Prima. The Eagle One, which started selling in March...

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