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Exploring the Possibility of Florida-Grown Coffee

For centuries, coffee has been grown between two somewhat arbitrary lines above and below the equator. The stretch between roughly the 23.43°S and 23.43°N parallels — also known as...

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Kona Labeling Class Action Settlements Reach $13.1 Million

Costco, Marshalls/T.J. Maxx parent company TJX and Gold Coffee Roasters have joined the list of defendants reaching settlement agreements with a group representing farmers from Hawaii’s Kona region. Thus...

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Wine Yeasts Abound Among Hawaiian-Grown ACE/Isla Auction Coffees

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and Hawaiian green coffee company Isla Custom Coffees have announced 16 winning lots in a recent competition of Hawaiian coffees. Notably, a full three-quarters...

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Coffee Leaf Rust Spreads to the Big Island of Hawaii

The production-killing plant disease known as coffee leaf rust (CLR) has been discovered on the Big Island of Hawaii, the state’s largest coffee-producing island. The U.S. Department of Agriculture...

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Coffee Leaf Rust Has Been Discovered in Hawaii

Coffee leaf rust, the highly infectious plant disease that can wipe out coffee crops, has been discovered for the first time in Hawaii, according to state agricultural officials. The...

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Winners from the Hawaii Coffee Association’s 11th Annual Cupping Competition

A rare homegrown coffee quality competition took place late last month in the United States, as the Hawaii Coffee Association held its 24th annual conference and 11th statewide cupping...

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