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Vuna Coffee Rituals Sneaking Sustainability Into Steeping Solution

Most consumer-focused coffee startups begin with a concept for the finished product, then iron out the supply chain details later. By contrast, a new line of single-serve coffee products...

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With Single-Use Pourovers, Copper Cow Coffee Lands $8.5 Million Round

Single-use pourover coffee company Copper Cow Coffee has raised $8.5 million in Series A funding. The Los Angeles-based company, self-described as “equal parts Vietnam, equal parts California,” said it...

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Bathtub Coffee Founder Offers Clean Design in Simplify The Brewer

The founder of Japanese coffee equipment resale company Bathtub Coffee has unveiled a manual pourover dripper called Simplify The Brewer. The forthcoming device designed by Ryo John Ito achieved...

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The Orb One Brewer Shoots Into the Stovetop Coffeesphere

A hemispherical coffee brewing device called the Orb One from Chicago-based multidisciplinary studio Crucial Detail is making the rounds on Kickstarter, capturing more than $300,000 in backing as of...

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Voila Expands From Instant to Capsules with Experimental Voila Labs

Specialty instant coffee maker Voila has joined the pre-ground coffee capsule fray with a new product and service called Voila Labs. Voila Labs offers creatively packaged Nespresso-compatible capsules made...

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Advanced Single-Serve Brewing System Bruvi Plans 2021 US Launch

Joining the expanding category of home coffee brewers designed to pair quality with convenience, a new single-serve pod brewing system called Bruvi has attracted $2.2 million in seed funding...

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With Truly Innovative Frozen Capsules, Cometeer Achieves Liftoff

Massachusetts-based coffee technology and manufacturing startup Cometeer is finally ready for liftoff with an entirely new take on high-quality, high-convenience coffee. After winning a Best New Product award at...

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Trinity Coffee Lightens Up With the Trinity Zero Brewer

The Australia-based maker of the Trinity One brewer Trinity Coffee has a new pared-down, low-impact brewer in production called the Trinity Zero. The palm-size, thumb-pressured brewer makes what company...

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GE Appliances Enlists US Brewers Champ to Launch Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

GE Appliances (GEA) has enlisted 2020 United States Brewers Cup Champion and Onyx Coffee Lab Barista Trainer Elika Liftee to help launch of the first product in its new line...

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