Category: Homelessness

Nonprofit Wildflyer Coffee Reaches New Heights in Minneapolis

Though the perils of 2020 have grounded coffee shops all over the United States, Minneapolis-based Wildflyer Coffee is ending the year in a joyful soar. The youth-focused, nonprofit specialty...

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Importin’ Joes Sells Coffee in Indiana to Fight Youth Homelessness in Ethiopia

A new coffee company called Importin’ Joes has launched to form a two-way conduit between South Bend, Indiana, and Ethiopia, while effecting positive social change at home and abroad....

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Peace Coffee Exiting Retail in Minneapolis, Wildflyer to Take Over Original Shop

The progressive Minneapolis coffee roasting company Peace Coffee has announced the decision to permanently discontinue its brick-and-mortar coffee shops. As it exits the retail sphere, Peace Coffee is assisting...

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