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The Latest in Coffee Science: Observations from the 2021 ASIC Conference

The 2021 Association for Science and Information on Coffee (ASIC) biennial conference concluded in Montpellier, France, on July 1, and I’m feeling pretty lucky to have been able to...

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Global Coffee Giants Join CIRAD-Led Effort to Reduce Pesticide Use in Coffee Farming

Several of the world’s largest coffee roasting and trading companies have joined a pre-competitive research initiative with the goal of progressively reducing pesticide usage in coffee farming. The initiative,...

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New Research Says Coffee Can Improve Brain Function After Lack of Sleep, Because Duh

Newly published research suggests that consuming caffeinated coffee during the day helps to minimize deficits in attention and brain function caused by sleep loss. There you have it: The entire...

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Seeking US Expansion, Illy Sells Minority Stake to Rhône Capital

Family-owned Italian coffee giant Illycaffé (branded by the company as “illycafé”) has announced a minority sale of the company to global equity firm Rhône Capital as it moves towards...

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ICO Outlines Sector-Wide Participation Amid Ongoing Coffee Price Crisis

The International Coffee Council (ICC) has publicly reaffirmed its commitment to supporting a more sustainable and prosperous global coffee sector with participation from some of the world’s largest and...

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