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Victoria Arduino Hatches Single-Group Eagle One Called E1 Prima

Simonelli Group brand Victoria Arduino has revealed a new single-group version of its Eagle One espresso machine called the E1 Prima. The Eagle One, which started selling in March...

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Llega a México Eagle One de Victoria Arduino, la máquina para espressos que conjunta eficiencia, sustentabilidad y diseño

Por Aída Palomo. Fotografías por Juan José Sánchez Durante la Expo Café Guadalajara 2020 tuvo lugar el lanzamiento de Eagle One, la más reciente máquina para espressos de Victoria Arduino, en compañía de...

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The Victoria Arduino Eagle One Has Landed

Having sunk its formidable talons into the design and development of an espresso machine that reduces environmental impact, Simonelli Group sub-brand Victoria Arduino is launching global sales of the...

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The Extraction is Espresso and Milk, Whatever That’s Called

The head of multinational trading conglomerate Olam International‘s coffee division, Vivek Verma, penned a compelling argument published this week by the Financial Times in favor of a multi-stakeholder global...

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From Procurement to Co-Branding: A Future for Coffee (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this story, we outlined the ways in which coffee is typically procured, while contrasting that with the way it is marketed by coffee brands. In this…

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