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Kona Labeling Class Action Settlements Reach $13.1 Million

Costco, Marshalls/T.J. Maxx parent company TJX and Gold Coffee Roasters have joined the list of defendants reaching settlement agreements with a group representing farmers from Hawaii’s Kona region. Thus...

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NCA Speaks Out as Battle Over Decaf Labeling Brews

The National Coffee Association (NCA) of the United States has spoken up following media coverage related to a chemical solvent commonly used in the decaffeination of coffee. The chemical...

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Class-Action Suit Claims Some Starbucks Drinkers Getting Shorted on Caffeine

A class-action lawsuit filed last month in California is accusing coffee giant Starbucks of short-changing customers on caffeine. On behalf of plaintiff Teresa Adams, lawyers from the California office...

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Former California Assemblyman Pleads Guilty to Coffee Shop Money Laundering

A former California State Assembly member and owner of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Metropolitan Coffee and Concession Company (MC2), Terrence Patrick “Terry” Goggin has pleaded guilty to money...

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Seattle-Area Coffee Chain Must Void Barista Non-Compete Agreements

Seattle-area coffee chain Mercurys Coffee has agreed to void hundreds of non-compete agreements that staff members, including hourly baristas, were required to sign for employment. A recent King County...

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