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Coffee Trust/Cocomiel Founder Bill Fishbein is Still Shaking Up the Coffee Trade

One of the United States specialty coffee industry’s original progressive voices and a longtime advocate for coffee producers, Bill Fishbein has witnessed some four decades of changes in the...

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How Shipping Disruptions Are Affecting the Specialty Coffee Industry

A rare mainstream international cargo shipping story reached a welcome turning point today as the skyscraper-sized container ship the Ever Given was finally dislodged from the banks of the...

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Column: It is Time for Transparency in Coffee to Go Both Ways

The concept of financial transparency in the coffee industry may have been unimaginable a generation ago, but it has evolved quickly both in professional discourse and in marketing. In...

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2020 Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide Shows Price Data from 51K Contracts

The 2020 Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide has been released, offering a remarkable review of data on green coffee pricing in the specialty coffee market. Overall, the Guide showed a...

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ICO Outlines Sector-Wide Participation Amid Ongoing Coffee Price Crisis

The International Coffee Council (ICC) has publicly reaffirmed its commitment to supporting a more sustainable and prosperous global coffee sector with participation from some of the world’s largest and...

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Costa Rica Cup of Excellence Auction Continues Streak of High Average Prices

The Costa Rica Cup of Excellence auction the beat the countrywide program’s previous price records, as 26 winning green coffee lots fetched more than half a million USD while...

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Top Coffee from Guatemala Cup of Excellence Earns $180 Per Pound at Auction

Buyers primarily from Asia, Europe and the United States shattered previous price records at the recent Guatemala Cup of Excellence auction, with an average per-pound price of $26.50 USD...

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COVID-19 Making Existing Matters Worse for Smallholder Farmers, HRNS Study Finds

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating a range of existing issues facing smallholder coffee farmers in some of the world’s most revered and productive coffee-producing countries, according to a recent...

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