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Hip To Be Rectangular: BKON Launches Bag-In-Box KegX System

Cold coffee brewing technology company BKON has launched a new bag-in-box system for bulk or wholesale cold brew served through a kegerator called the KegX. Through a partnership with...

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Elemental Beverage Offers Roasters ‘Snapchilled’ Canned Brew Collaborations

Elemental Beverage is widening access to its Snapchill technology and its online retail channel through a new co-branding, brewing and packaging service to coffee companies. In hopes of generating...

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Vivic Adds a Bit of Vim and Vigor to the Canned Cold Brew Aisle

With the proliferation of canned and bottled cold brew drinks from small specialty players to beverage behemoths like Coca-Cola and Nestlé, standing out on a crowded market shelf becomes...

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Forest Coffee Trading Turns New Leaves with Expanded Cold Brew Line

Colorado-based coffee roaster and ready-to-drink cold brew maker Forest Coffee Trading Co. has expanded its purity-focused product line from one basic brew to a total of five, including infusions...

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