Mary McCoy in front of the Crighton Theatre, in downtown Conroe, on June 21, 2021.One of the greatest events in the history of Conroe, located about forty miles north of Houston, happened 66 years ago, on August 24, 1955. On that night, Elvis Presley and other musicians from Shreveport’s Louisiana Hayride country music radio show performed for the town at David Crockett High School’s football stadium. The twenty-year-old “hillbilly cat” from Mississippi was already a regional phenom when he drove into the roughly eight-thousand-person railroad town. National stardom would come months later with his release of “Heartbreak Hotel,” but for that one night, Elvis was Conroe’s alone to enjoy. To this day, the account of Elvis’s visit continues to be told and retold, every detail studied like a favorite drawing. One notable resident was even remembered more for his…View Original Post

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