I would like you guys to move this over to /r/rumbuy, for a number of reasons, the main two being:

1) This can get the full attention it deserves – I have made /u/justsomebadadvice, (pending hi acceptance), and he and we can sticky updates, and post won’t get lost in the timeline.

2) I want to keep this activity related to but separate from /r/rum, just in case there I ever some sort of legal confusion or trouble, considering there is money and strangers involved.

It’s pretty much a blank sub, but we can build up it’s style and content organically, over time.

Hope everyone is onboard with this – I’ve given it a lot of thought and I feel it’s a prudent move. Tomorrow I will put a highly visible link to the new sub on the sidebar.


Edit: we passed 10k a couple weeks ago, btw – congrats all. Post on that coming soon.

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